March 2, 2017

Patty Garner began her career in child care more than 30 years ago and has been a licensed child care provider for 17 years. She has taken care of more than 100 children and is now taking care of second generations. Six years ago, Patty and her husband, Pat, started to work as a team to provide quality child care as owners of Aunt Patty’s Child Care in Mesa County.

A fun and unique part of Aunty Patty’s is that a large aspect of their program is centered on cooking. Cooking provides many learning opportunities, including improving math and reading skills, building healthy eating habits young and works on building self-esteem.

Since partnering with Early Learning Ventures (ELV), Patty and Pat, who provide 24/7 care, were able to purchase a 15-passenger van to safely transport the children in their care. They can now transport the children to activities such as plays, football games etc. In addition, since partnering with ELV Patty and Pat went on their first vacation in four years!


Patty has also been able to improve Aunt Patty’s health and safety from being a partner of ELV. She recently extended her sidewalk near the fence to prevent tripping hazards and added a gazebo in the backyard to provide a shaded area for the children. Currently, they’re working on renovating a playhouse climber using their own funds.


Thank you, Patty and Pat of Aunt Patty’s Child Care, for providing quality early child care education to Mesa County. As your partner, Early Learning Ventures is honored to help you achieve your goals and continually improve early childhood education.