July 12, 2017

Over Memorial Weekend, Early Learning Ventures (ELV) participated in a celebration event in Rifle for one of ELV’s partners, Preschool on Wheels. Preschool on Wheels is a unique program that brings early childhood education on a specially designed bus to rural areas in Rifle. The Rifle and Glenwood Springs community came together to host the Preschool on Wheels celebration event and also partnered with ELV to present several healthy food demonstrations from the Healthy Options for Preschoolers (HOP) program.


With help from the Colorado Health Foundation, HOP promotes healthy snack options for children and families through healthy food demonstrations, healthy recipes, as well as grocery store gift cards. HOP’s primary focus is on educating families about Rainbow Snacks by promoting healthy snack options for children and their families. Rainbow Snacks are healthy snack recipe options that combine two or more of whole grain foods, fruits, vegetables, dairy, or lean proteins.


In more rural areas, access to different healthy food options can be a challenge. To counter act this, at the Preschool on Wheels event, ELV gave away several items. ELV team members Kelly Esch, Quality Improvement Specialist and Michele Zon, Family Support Specialist gave out grocery freezer bags so families can properly transport healthy goods from grocery stores that are far away from their home. In addition, ELV gave away starter tomato plants so families can have access to healthy options right in their own backyard.


Together by collaborating with other partners from the community, the event was a success with participation from more than 450 people in the Rifle and Glenwood Springs area. ELV was honored to take part in such a wonderful event for one of our partners. Thank you to Preschool on Wheels, The Aspen Community Foundation, and the Rifle and Glenwood Springs community for letting ELV participate. We are excited to continue our partnership and look forward to more events in your community in the future!

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Pictures taken by Olga Barron Photography, Inc.