May 10, 2017

Imagination Station Child Care located in Pueblo County provides care for children 1 month to 13 years of age. Serving as the Director and Owner of Imagination Station since 2008, Laura Espinoza has been providing quality child care to her community. However, Laura originally started working in child care long before owning her own child care home but she ultimately wanted to serve more children.

The team at Imagination Station has always been passionate about providing a loving, nurturing environment that fosters children’s learning and development. With her amazing team that shares her passion for educating children, Imagination Station is making a significant impact in Pueblo County.

As a part of their program, Imagination Station continually invites their children’s families and community members to visit them. Monthly, Imagination Station holds family events to build stronger family practices. In addition, when community members visit, this time is used as a learning opportunity for the children by participating in story time, arts and crafts, and learning about different careers. For example, this past December Laura and her team invited several police officers from the community to join them for story time and seasonal cookies decorating.


Imagination Station also partners with Early Learning Ventures (ELV). With ELV’s help, Imagination Station has seen amazing transformations that have improved their overall quality of care. ELV has helped enhance their early learning environment by providing classroom materials, assessment tools, toys, room separators, coaching and an ELV Specialist.



ELV has also helped by improving their outdoor play area by adding a privacy fence and equipment/outdoor toys.


Thank you, Imagination Station, for providing quality child care to Pueblo County. ELV is honored to work with your amazing early childhood educators and to call you a partner.