FinancialServices_smallThrough ELV’s financial services offerings, an elite team of experts delivers a full back office financial services solution directly to child care providers.

Providers benefit through:
1) Improved cash flow due to higher collection rate on unpaid accounts
2) Time savings due to offloading management of complex subsidy programs
3) Better decision making ability due to enhanced financial reporting options

Off-load the burden of financial services to free up significant amounts of your time so you can focus more on children and families. That’s our goal. And, we are here to help you every step of the way.

“ELV’s billing services has been invaluable to our organization. I don’t have to worry about the billing; it goes out and it gets done right. The ELV team works very hard to support myself and my families and they have proven to be extremely helpful as we have expanded our program. As a school director, ELV helps me keep my sanity.”

– Judy Johnson, Director, Global Village-Colorado