In 2015, ELV launched its Quality Child Care Partnership Program, a unique model made possible by the Early Head Start–Child Care (EHS–CC) Partnership grant. Through this grant-funded program, ELV supports vulnerable children and families in underserved areas across Colorado. This program benefits the child care sector by bringing ELV’s shared services technology platform combined with high-quality Early Head Start services to children in their current child care settings.

Overall, the program focuses on five areas:

  • BusinessDevelopment
  • Leadership Development
  • Professional Development
  • Family Development
  • Community Development

ELV is currently working with 32 center-based and family child care partners in four Colorado counties – Arapahoe, Garfield, Mesa and Pueblo. These children receive health and developmental screenings and comprehensive services; benefit from smaller adult-to-child ratios and group sizes; and aims to provide environments that are safer, healthier, and more developmentally rich. The staff members employed by child care partners are also benefiting by taking college courses or pursuing a Child Development Associate credential to meet the teacher qualifications of Early Head Start. Additionally, they receive tailored supports in the classroom through highly skilled coaches, and in many cases, are receiving higher salaries and benefits.

“The program has given us the opportunity to help children and families that otherwise would not be able to afford quality care. It has made it possible to improve our classroom with learning manipulatives, resources, and educational curriculum to help our children.” – Debbie Rose, Director of Kinderkirk Preschool and Childcare Center




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