May 3, 2017

Each of our EHS partners in Garfield County chose a teacher to spotlight for Teacher Appreciation Week. Below are the teachers they’ve chosen to recognize.


Rebecca Fuller, Fuller Childcare

She has stepped up to everything that has been asked of her and excelled with it. She was the first in our area to go through Colorado Shines and came out with a Level 5. She also has completed everything on the Quality Improvement Plan Early Head Start has set for the programs.  The only thing she has left is her CDA equivalent and she is completing her final college course this summer.


Liz Pittman, Lizzy’s Kids

Always has a smile on her face when ELV staff walk through the door. She has been so willing and adaptable to put in place anything we ask. She is always grateful for everything that has benefited her program.


Kassie Sabata, Lil Bears

She has been eager to get through all the requirements of Early Head Start and done it all while pregnant and (now) with a new born! Kassie is always thorough with the work that she does and checks in to make sure everything is complete.


Zita Marquez, Caring Kids

She has taken off with the Early Head Start responsibilities that she has been given. She just started the CDA cohort the beginning of March and has surpassed everything Kelly has asked and is ahead of schedule. During that same time she also was asked to get trained and pass her Inter Rater Reliability for Teaching Strategies Gold.


Twila Atwood, Yampah Mountain Nursery

She has become our Early Learning Ventures guru! Anything we need done she is on it and has it in place the same day. She manages all of the attendance and CACFP through ELV. She is incredibly reliable.


Nikky Durham, Little Blue

Nikky has stepped up and dealt with the Quality improvement Specialist and Family Support Specialist in Garfield County! She was thrown into the position and accepted it graciously has done everything we have asked, even if she didn’t know why she was doing it at times.