May 5, 2017

Each of our EHS partners in Pueblo County chose a teacher to spotlight for Teacher Appreciation Week. Below are the teachers they’ve chosen to recognize.


Destiny, Teacher, Kinderkirk.

What I like most about being a Teacher is the love I get from my kids in my class and the close relationship I have with the parents. They trust me with their child’s everyday learning and safety. What I love most is how each individual child masters a skill or a new work, or even going potty on the potty!! The excitement on my kids face is blissful and rewarding. I couldn’t have picked a more rewarding career. I love being a Teacher.



Stephanie Sotello, Volunteer and previous EHS parent, Yolanda Gonzales.

I really enjoy volunteering at my mom’s home child care most because I get to spend my days not only helping children learn new things but also learning new things from them. Stephanie has also completed her CDA.


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Linda Reynolds, Teacher and Director, Lynden Childcare.

I love the kids! There is no other reason for doing what she does.




Vanessa Richardson, Teacher, Life Center Academy.

There are so many reasons why I am a teacher, but if I had to choose just one it would be that I teach for the children. I believe that as a teacher providing a loving, caring and nurturing environment is vitally important. The impact that I have on a child from infancy will help in their development as they continue their journey to adulthood. I take the child’s hands, to open their mind while touching their hearts through the avenue of exploring, interaction and learning. I strive to be that teacher who never lets her students down by providing them with the best positive experiences in an exciting environment. My goal is to help them to achieve in their everyday education and become a successful and productive adult. Therefore, I am a teacher.