August 29, 2017

This blog is part 3 of a series of blogs based on our cornerstones.


At its core, innovation is what makes humans different. Our minds our constantly thinking of new ideas and new ways to better improve our lives, although not many people tend to act on their innovative ideas. Here at ELV we strive to be innovative in the early childhood education (ECE) industry and continually collaborate to do so.

ELV has created innovating technology to help create quality affordable child care in the ECE industry. Through our resources we provide, the ELV Resource Platform and our Child Management System-Alliance CORE, we are changing the way the ECE industry is ran. The ELV Platform is innovative in itself. Giving educators, directors, and parents access to hundreds of discounts and resources—all on one platform.


Our technology systems allow ECE educators to rid of all papers and have one system organize their center or home. For example, instead of having parents sign their child in and out on paper, CORE allows parents to check in and out on a tablet. This technology offers the provider to see who is present and absent with the touch of a button instead of having to read through sheets of paper and do the math on their own. Plus, CORE is licensing compliant and makes it easier on both the child care provider and the licensing specialist. CORE is also innovative in the fact that it brings new technology to an industry that needs it, but CORE is also innovative because it’s continually being improved and updated based on feedback from the ECE community.


ELV recognizes the technology barrier, and because of this, provides ELV partners across the state with a tablet or a computer so they can easily access CORE and the Platform.


ELV is also innovative as a team, as we are constantly working on new ideas to better the ECE community and ELV in our weekly and monthly meetings. In addition, some of ELV’s staff members are a part of CIG’s Creative Collective group. This group collaborates on ways staff can be creative in the workplace.

Being innovative isn’t easy. It requires creativity, time, and the confidence to go against the norm. Here at ELV, we work every day to create a new normal for the ECE industry and to continually improve the quality of early childhood education by being innovative to create change.