July 25, 2017

For July, we are highlighting the Merage Foundations and Consolidated Investment Group cornerstoneWe Create a Better World.

Because ELV is a nonprofit, it may seem obvious that we work to create a better world. But, what makes us different from the 1.5 million nonprofits in the U.S that are also working to create a better world?

First, the ELV team, along with our partners, work every day to improve early childhood education by increasing quality and ensuring every child has access to great education. A main aspect of how we work to achieve this is through our child care management system, Alliance CORE. When a child care provider is a member of Alliance CORE, they receive free tech support provided by our Client Support Team. Other competitors charge a setup fee and for additional support, and if the provider wants to move up from their “basic” package, the provider is charged even more. This is deeply saddening, as child care providers already work long hours for low wages and usually don’t have the extra funds to continuously spend on upgrading their system or on additional staff to help.


ELV recognizes this problem, thus Alliance CORE is not only affordable but:

  • Numerous scholarships are available
  • Support is free, with our support team only a phone call away
  • ELV even provides the technology so providers can go digital—no more paper
  • ELV team member is always available to personally help a provider if needed

As a result, more than 150 child care providers across Colorado are using Alliance CORE.

ELV even offers The Resource Platform that currently serves 1,500 users including but not limited to child care providers, educators, and families. Through the Platform these users receive resources such as discounts from vendors, marketing materials, human resource materials and much more.

ELV also has an Early Head Start (EHS) Team. The EHS Team has worked diligently over the past several years to improve the quality of child care centers and homes across the state in Arapahoe, Garfield, Mesa, and Pueblo County. As a result, the EHS Team has given low income families in these counties access to health services and screenings, improved learning environments, creative curriculum, and qualified teachers. Because these EHS child care sites serve both EHS-eligible and non-EHS children, ELV’s impact goes much further—reaching all children enrolled at these sites. In the 2015-16 program year, ELV served 265 EHS-eligible children but reached more than 1,700 children across Colorado.



While these are the main aspects ELV continually works on every day, we also look for other ways we can make an impact. This past spring, ELV teamed up with Consolidated Investment Group (CIG) and Executives Partnering to Invest in Children (EPIC) to collect books for ELV partners. As a result, more than 500 books were donated to child care providers.


In addition, ELV sponsored this past spring’s Rocky Mountain Early Childhood Conference that brought together the Early Childhood Education (ECE) community across several states for collaboration and discussions on ECE’s best practices. ELV team members attended trainings, lectures, and discussed what ELV can do for the ECE community.

In July, ELV hosted a fundraising week by partnering with local restaurants to help raise money to support our mission. Later this summer, ELV team members, along with CIG, will volunteer at Urban Peak, an organization that helps young homeless teens get on their feet.

Because of all of this, in 2016, ELV touched the lives of 28,000 children. ELV creates a better world, but while doing so, we hope to inspire others as well. Check out our page on our website “Invest in ELV” to find out how you can make a difference in early childhood education. Also download our 2016 Annual Report to learn more about ELV’s impact.




Several pictures taken by Olga Barron Photography, Inc.