Welcome to the Early Learning Ventures Early Care and Education Best Practice E-Training

This training program was created and is provided by Early Learning Ventures in cooperation with the David and Laura Merage Foundation. The learning objective is to increase your awareness of best practices in early care and education. The best practices referenced in this training reflect essential elements of quality for all programs that serve children (from birth through preschool age) and their families.

We are asking our Global Leader partners to take this training, and give us feedback to gather data on utilization of e-trainings. This is an approach to deliver work place training to early childhood teachers to reinforce quality best practices to those working every day with children.

The following training will take you through example situations you may find in early childhood learning environments. You will be provided with multiple scenarios in an early learning center or home where you will be challenged to identify opportunities for interactions or program enhancements that would demonstrate quality according to best practice. Examples may include an interaction between a teacher and parent, or the set-up of a particular learning area.

North America Global Leaders - Colorado

Judy Williams
Program Director, Early Learning Ventures

Rosemarie Allen, Early Childhood Professor

Sponsored by David and Laura Merage Foundation

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